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Latest Cast List (8/22/19)

Performance Availability form. Here’s the link: 

Note to volunteers: Thanks for filling out your volunteer availability form. Follow-up information will go out soon.. Here's the volunteer availability form for others to jump in or for people to amend their earlier information.: Most likely, you will not hear from a volunteer coordinator till about two weeks before the show. Certain key backstage roles will be filled sooner..

“SatA1” means the day is Saturday (Sat), it’s the first weekend (A rather than B, which is the second weekend) and the first show on Saturday (1).

UPDATED CAST LIST (with line placements): 10/19/19  


Note: I’ve crossed out a few people at their request because they are unable to take part as performers after all. The cross-outs are not a judgment of any sort. They are there on this round to make sure that everyone knows what has changed since the previous update. Likewise, new additions are in bold face to call attention to those changes as well. I've also added at least one part and removed at least one part. I’m sure I’ve made some inadvertent errors, so please feel free to point them out – perhaps you could point them out nicely.



Number 1: Summertime 4:27

Denika, HB, Nancy (Nancy is far right.)

Sharon, Carissa, Leah

Understudy: Chrissy

Number 2: Look Around 2:47 (Full Company)

(The total rags assignments are not in L to R order)

Row 1 : Carissa, Denika, Nancy

Row 2: Leah, Katharine/Megan, Chrissy, Leilah

Security Forces: 

Every show: Karla, Rachel, Jen V, Sharon, Kirk

Water Agent: Kirstin 

Number 3: Come Rain or Come Shine 3:30 (Security Forces)

Dancers per show: 8. 

Please learn your plane placements

Every show, front row L to R: Karla, Rachel, Jen V, Sharon 

(Karla is far left.)

SatA1: Langan, Jen C. Megan R, Marielle

SatA2: Kirk, Langan, Megan R, Katharine

SunA1: Marielle, Leilah,** Jen C, Megan M.  

Sun A2: Carrie, Connie, TBD, Megan M.

Fri: Jen C,* Langan, Megan R, Thays, Katharine, 

SatB1: Kirk, Jen C, Mike B, Katharine, 

SatB2: Kirk, Jen C, Carrie, Katherine,  

SunB1: Kirk, TBD, Mike B, Megan M. 

SunB2: Kirk, Jen C, Connie, Carrie 

*Jen V might have to miss Friday night show. She would be replaced in the front row by Jen C.

**On SunA1, Leilah will replace Sharon in first row. 

Number 4: Too Darn Hot 2:38

Dancers per show:

(Left to Right) Leah, Denika, Chrissy, Nancy

Understudy: Kirstin will sub in SunB1, SunB2 and at least two other shows.  

Cameo: Kirk Understudy: Any available husband/boyfriend. 

Number 5: Me & My Shadow Duo (Ogley/Brubeck) 3:41

Carissa/David, HB

(David: SatA2, Fri, SunB2)

Number 6: Me & My Shadow Group (Peggy Lee) 3:12

Number of dancers:

Chrissy & Jen V/Katharine; Leilah* & Carissa/David; Rachel & Kirstin 

(Jen V: SatA1, SunA1, SunA2, SunB1, SunB2)

(Katharine: SatA2, Fri, SatB1, SatB2)

(David: SatA2, Fri, SunB2)

*Understudy for Leilah on SunA1: Gail

Understudies: Denika, Gail, Jen C, 

Number 7: Improvisation with live musician 5:00

In this order: Denika, Kirstin, Karla, Nancy, David, HB

Musicians: Mark or Ashley/Mark 

(David: SatA2, Fri, SunB2)



Number 8: Musical Interlude

Mark or Ashley/Mark

Number 9: Other talent 4:30


11/9: Mira Wilder

11/10: Thays G.

11/15: TBD 

11/16 Brian Frazer

11/17: TBD

Number 10: Air Conditioner


Number 11: Blue Skies Basie 2:11

Number of dancers: 3 to 6

Chrissy, Denika, Leah

Nancy, Carissa, Kapria

(Nancy is far left.)

Number 12: Blue Skies MattyB 3:01

Number of dancers: 6 to 8

(L to R) Karla, HB, Rachel, Carissa (Karla is far left.)

(L to R) Megan M., Chrissy, Leah, Kirstin/David

Understudies: Denika, Katharine, 

David does SatA2, Fri, SunB2)

Number 13: Blue Skies Bing Willie 2:58

Note: Carissa and Kapria have switched places.

Kapria, Denika, Carissa, 

Chrissy, Leah, 

Understudy: Nancy

(Nancy would be far left.)

Number 14: Afinidad 2:57

Number of Dancers: 5

Denika, Howard, Nancy

Carissa, Sharon 

(Sharon is Far Right wout Howard)


Number 15: Other Talent/Featured musicians 5:00 max

Number 16: Blue Skies, Broadway version 2:36

Bad guys: Karla, Sharon, Rachel, Carissa

Understudy: Kapria

Entering Line: Katharine, Megan M, Kirstin, Leah

Entering to pass shoes: Denika, Jen V/(Back-up Chrissy)

Joining circle from back L to R:

Megan M, Chrissy, Nancy

Lines after stamps:

Megan M, Katharine, Kistin, Leah

Chrissy, Nancy, Denika, Jen V. (Jen V. is far right.)

Same lines facing Stage L for face-off

Shoe pass lines L to R:

Karla, Kirstin, Denika, Leah, Jen V.

Carissa, Rachel, Sharon, Megan M, Katharine,

Chrissy, Nancy

Lines after clap circle:

Megan M, Katharine, Kirstin, Leah

Chrissy, Nancy, Denika, Jen V. (Jen V is far right.)

Number 17: Prince Medley: 1999/Let’s Go Crazy 5:41

These 4 will dance in the front row every show:

Chrissy, Denika, HB, Kirstin (Chrissy is Far Left)

Second Row: Karla/Jen V, Carissa/Sharon, Leah/Nancy, David/Rachel 

(with David/Rachel on the for right)

Karla: SatA2, Fri, SatB1, SatB2,

Jen V: SatA1, SunA1, SunA2, SunB1, SunB2

Carissa: SatA1, SunA1, SunA2, SatB1, SatB2

Sharon: SatA2, Fri, SunB1, SunB2

Leah:SunA1, SunA2, SunB1, SunB2

Nancy:SatA1, SatA2, Fri, SatB1, SatB2

(David: SatA2, Fri, SunB3; Rachel: all others) 

Order of entry from Stage L, L to R:

Karla/Jen V, Chrissy, Denika, Carissa/Sharon

Order of entry from Stage R, L to R:

Howard, Leah/Nancy, Kirstin, David/Rachel 

(There will be a third row of four B Company dancers on stage and at least two dancers in the aisles for Part 1 or “1999” and possible a dancer on the platform at the top of the onstage stairs.)

Please learn your line placements.

SatA1: Marielle, Langan, Megan R, Jen C., Megan M

Rain: Megan M, Company A, Marielle

SatA2: Kirk, Jen C, Langan, Megan R, Katharine

Rain: Katharine, Company A

SunA1: Marielle, Jen C, Gail, TBD, Megan M

Rain: Megan M, Marielle

SunA2: TBD, Carrie, Leilah, TBD, Megan M

Rain: Megan M, Company A, Leilah

Fri: Jen C, Langan, Megan R, Thays, TBD, Katharine,

Rain: Katharine, Company A 

SatB1: Kirk, TBD, Jen C, TBD, Katharine

Rain: Katharine, Company A 

SatB2: Kirk, Carrie, Jen C, TBD, TBD, Katharine

Rain: Katharine, Company A

SunB1: Kirk, TBD, TBD, TBD, Megan M

Rain: Megan M, Company A

SunB2: Kirk, Carrie, Jen C, TBD, Thays, Katharine

Rain: Katharine, Company A

Rain Company A: Leah/Nancy; Karla/Jen; Carissa/Sharon

Understudy: Katherine


Sat. Nov 9, 6:15 pm John

Sat. Nov. 9, 8:30 pm John

Sun. Nov. 10, 4 pm Melissa

Sun. Nov. 10, 6:30 pm Melissa

Fri. Nov. 15, 8:30 pm Melissa

Sat. Nov 16, 6:15 pm Melissa

Sat. Nov. 16, 8:30 pm John

Sun. Nov. 17, 4 pm Melissa

Sun. Nov. 17, 6:30 pm John 

Other Talent


11/9: Mira Wilder

11/10: Thays G. 

11/16 Brian Frazer


Mark Davidson

11/10: Ashley Walters


Stage Manager: Amy Inouye

Assistant Stage Managers: Katharine/Megan M/Kapria

Katharine: SatA1, SunA1, SunA2.  SunB1

Megan M: SatA2, Fri, SatB1, SatB2, SunB2


rehearsal scheduling


While we’re at My Gym, we’ll have extra rehearsal time available only at these times:

Thursdays 7 to 9 pm

Saturdays 12:30 pm to 1 pm, 5:30 pm and later

Sundays 1:30 to 3:30 pm, 7 pm and later

Unless I call a rehearsal, these times are available by request from ANYONE in the show in 30 minute increments WITH TWO DAYS ADVANCE NOTICE. If you request a time AND I approve it, I will let you know by email and then I also will post the rehearsal. Anyone who wants to work on that dance or that section of that dance can also attend that rehearsal. (Rehearsals are not private lessons.)

All rehearsals are free for those on the unlimited plan. All rehearsals are charged as a class for those not on the unlimited plan. I would recommend that everyone in the show get on the unlimited plan until we’re done with the show. If you schedule a rehearsal and don’t show up that will be charged as a lesson regardless of what plan you’re on.

When my studio is nearly ready, there could be a brief transition period during which regular classes will take place at My Gym while special rehearsals will take place at my studio in Silver Lake. We will be at My Gym for at least two more weeks.




updated 10/27 12 noon



Monday, Nov. 11

Location, Home Studio

6 pm onward: home studio available for use, with or without me, by arrangement with text/email confirmation in advance.

8:30 pm Carissa


Tuesday, Nov. 12

Location, Home Studio

6 pm onward: home studio available for use, with or without me, by arrangement with text/email confirmation in advance.


Wednesday, Nov. 13

Location, My Gym

6:30 pm: Normal beginners’ class

7:30 pm: Normal class. Might work on portions of show choreography

8:30 to 10 pm: Right away, we could run Come Rain, Prince Part 1, Singing in Rain 

Then: Summertime (to bring in Chrissy), Look Around (clean up some footwork, turn phones on), TDH (to keep the fast section sharp), Shadow Duo (smiling face), Shadow Group (I don’t know. I could never see it during the show), Improv (to prerecorded piano), Basie (cleaner sounds, don’t rush), MattyB (slow down to make cleaner), Bing Willie (cleaner sounds, more precise rhythm), Affinidad (just practice), Broadway (lift taps shoes correctly at end); Prince Part 2 (clear sounds, precise ending, joyous mood) 

Thursday, Nov. 14 

7 pm: My Gym at 7 pm onward OR theater from 8 pm to 10:30 pm for whatever we need. We could do a low-key run-through or walk-through at theater with full tech, just for the dancers.

Oct 14 Deadline: 

After Oct. 14 our mission is to refine style and to learn and streamline cues. I’m pretty much done teaching people the dances. After Oct. 14 we will be doing run-throughs, not rehearsals for learning. Our obligation is to give the audience a professional show. We can’t do that if you are still learning your dance three weeks before the show. It doesn’t work. And it’s simply unfair to those who have learned their parts as required.

First Row Deadline

No offense intended to any, but if you cannot perform a particular dance well with clear sounds and virtually correct arms – BY YOURSELF – from beginning to end by this date, do not expect to be in the first row even if you are currently designated as being in the first row for a particular dance. 

None of my first row people appear to be in danger of falling out of the show. But some of you may be at risk of falling out of a first row for a particular number or falling out of a particular number entirely.

Second Row Deadline

By this date you must be able to perform your dance with the group virtually without a mistake in terms of steps, rhythm and arms.

More to come…