Instructional and Performance Videos

NEW!!! Setting up your home tap practice area during a pandemic:

Part 1: Dealing with excess noise and floor scratching

Part 2: A safe surface for dancing

Part 3a: Visit to a building supply store

Part 3b: Visit continued


Note from Howard: I regularly add material to this page. Nearly all of these are low-tech videos and mainly for my students (as opposed to something that the archivists at the Smithsonian would want).  The routines are listed by name in alphabetical order. The most popular videos, predictably, are the Shim Sham, 1927 BS Chorus and Eddie Brown BS Chorus. 

Routines in Alphabetical Order


Full run-through tempo

Steps One

Steps Two 

Steps Three

As Time Goes By

Part 1 w music

Rehearsal w Hannah

Black Beauty


Breakdown -- First Half

Blue Skies -- County Basie

Part 1 with music

Part 1 breakdown of steps

Part 2 with music

Full dance with music

Blue Skies -- Bing Willie

Part 1 with music

Part 2 with music

Part 3 with music

Blue Skies -- MattyB

Part 1 with music

Part 2 steps

1927 BS Chorus

(Breakdown of four-step dance as taught by Eddie Brown)

Charlie Freak

Part 1, w music (for beginners)

Come Rain or Come Shine (beginners routine)

Part 1 with music

Part 2 with music

Part 3 splits with music

Eddie Brown BS Chorus

Slow run-through of steps

Honey Coles Softshoe (DaPron version)

With Music

Me and My Shadow Duet

Section 2, Part 1 with music

Section 2, Part 2 with music

Me and My Shadow Group Number

Section 1 with music

Section 2 with music

Section 3 with music

Shim Sham (as taught by Leonard Reed)

Steps with slow music

Steps without music


Part 1 with music

Part 1 breakdown of steps

Part 2 with music

Part 2 Breakdown of steps

Archived choreography/Exercises

Here's a gangly Howard performing on TV decades ago. Was TV even in color back then? Ouch.

Con Alma

Run-Through (most of the dance)

Irish Heart

Trio Section

Master Class 2012


Song of the Volga Boatmen

Run through with music. (The six steps back on the diagonal should be a pullback combo.) Intermediate level.