Our original show "TAP-water" opens Nov. 9. Two weekends only.

Performance tidbits

A Few Performances

 BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW for TAP-water. Some shows are likely to sell out soon. Tickets are only $20. Tickets available here, which is www.purplepass.com/tapwater  

Tap-O-Ween, 2017  

Here is a fun highlight reel of Tap-O-Ween set to Thriller. Courtesy of Sharon Lee's husband Harrison. Thanks so much.

(We're going to add much more here soon. We had to transition to a new web platform and rebuild from scratch so it takes some time to move everything over.)


Count Basie Blue Skies, Echo Park, 2018

Me & My Shadow, Echo Park, 2018

Come Rain or Come Shine, Echo Park, 2018

Afinidad, Echo Park, 2018

Afinidad, Electric Lodge, 2017

Blues in the Night/Eddie Brown Softshoe  2016

Manteca 2014​